Perhaps the most confusing part of moving is, well, one of the most confusing parts of life — insurance. By law, moving companies have to offer what is called “Minimum Valuation Coverage,” which, for moves within and outside of California, is a mere $.60 per pound per article.

That means that if a 200 pound sofa is damaged or lost, the moving company would owe you just $120. If a disaster were to happen and your entire shipment of, say, 5,000 pounds (about an average two bedroom apartment), is ruined, you would only receive $3,000.

Obviously, that’s not sufficient for most moves or most items. We wish it were different. The problem, though, is that moving companies are not insurance companies. There is no way for a mover, or even an owner of a moving company, to accurately assess the value of an item, let alone an entire shipment. That’s where outside insurance companies come in.

It’s highly unusual for a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover moving, but in some instances, you may be able to purchase a rider for your policy. If your items are going into storage, your existing insurance may cover it. Call your insurance broker, mention the date of the move and whether you are packing or whether the movers are.

Another option is to contact Baker International. They only sell moving insurance and they’ve been doing it for a quarter of a century. They are underwritten strictly by A++ superior insurance companies, so their payment record is impeccable. Should you need storage, they will cover you at no additional cost for up to 90 days.

Baker’s rates are very reasonable, typically less than you would pay with your own insurance company, if they even cover moves. For more information you can contact Baker International at 800-356-0093 or 940-270-3200. You can also ask your HyperSonic Moving consultant about Baker International.

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