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When you’re young and don’t yet own a lot of stuff, moving generally means hitting up grocery stores for boxes, grabbing some friends, and loading things into cars and hopefully, a pickup truck. Now, that process isn’t quite as simple. Friends are less willing (and able) to help and even with a pickup truck, moving would take days.

At a certain point in life, people realize that they need to hire a moving company, or at least rent a big truck. Surprisingly, you still see rational grownups haunting grocery stores hoping to get some free boxes.

There are only a few problems. These days, grocery stores often cut off the flaps on boxes. You definitely don’t want to move open boxes. Even more than that, though, grocery store boxes become damp and they begin losing their strength and integrity. They might also have hidden molds. Even if you find some perfect boxes, you need a lot — often hundreds, which requires multiple trips and a lot of extra time. What adults do you know who have extra time?

HyperSonic Movers can save you the hassle of the grocery store. Your moving estimator can determine exactly how many boxes you need and of which sizes. He or she can show you how to pack your more difficult items. We will deliver your boxes for free, often in the same day. You won’t ever have to leave your home. No, our boxes are not free, but they are all in top-notch condition and your delivery will be customized to cover your exact packing needs. In the long-run you will save money and hours of your valuable time.

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