While hauling furniture is backbreaking work, the real time consuming part of moving is packing. At HyperSonic Movers, our packers are prepared to help with just a few items or with packing your entire household.

Our packers are expertly trained at packing breakables, fine china and crystal, valuable art, wine, and just about anything else you can think of. We do onsite custom cardboard crating and offsite custom wood crating. There is almost nothing we can’t safely pack and move.

Packing is one area where you can really control your moving budget. Some customers pack everything. Others have us back large, unwieldy items such as lamps, electronics and artwork. Some have us pack everything and most require something in-between.

Talk to your moving consultant about packing services. You’ll be surprised at how affordable they can be. A move that might take weeks of preparation can be knocked out in hours or in a couple of days.

For a free, no obligation packing estimate, call us at +1 888-603-0668