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One of the largest household goods movers

HyperSonic Movers began with the idea that moving customers deserve something better. They deserve an honest company, a company they can trust. HyperSonic isn’t a household name yet, but we will be.

John Honacher came to the Bay Area from the most intense training ground in the country, New York City. He got his start perfecting some of the most cutting edge technologies in the moving industry. His eye for detail and precision didn’t go unnoticed. After years of experience with moving everything from 5th floor walk-up apartments to Wall Street businesses, John became the go-to person for precision fine art moving, and for good reason. He is a painter. As an artist, John instinctively knows what matters to our customers.

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John brought the lessons learned in New York to the Bay Area. He learned that people wanted honesty from moving companies, so he opened a company that guarantees our prices, period. He learned that people wanted to trust the people entering their homes, so he established rigorous hiring procedures. He learned that people valued experience and knowledge, so he established one of the most comprehensive training regimens in the industry. He learned that people wanted accountability, so John made himself available to every single customer, no matter how large or small the move.

When we meet a customer, whether in-person or virtually, we don’t see dollar signs. We see the future. HyperSonic Movers knows that a happy moving customer will refer friends, that they will move with us again. That’s how successful businesses are built.

If you want to see how moving companies can do things differently, if you want to work with a company you can trust, call us at

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