HyperSonic Commercial Movers

With commercial moving, there is no room for error. Businesses are on tight deadlines. Moves often take place during the dead of the night, just to ensure there is no downtime. A single mistake can cost thousands and sometimes millions.

HyperSonic Movers understands the demands of a commercial move. Before the move, a commercial moving consultant will tour your office. Once you choose us as a mover, your moving foreman will meet with you, take notes and prepare for the job. Our commercial movers are among the best in the business.

We will disassemble and reassemble cubicles and office furniture. Every box is meticulously packed and labeled, ensuring that everything is placed exactly where it needs to be. Every chair, every desk and every file and file cabinet will be placed in its exact location. We will disconnect and reconnect all computers and office equipment to your precise specifications. Your employees will arrive at the office ready to work.

If your company is downsizing or remodeling, HyperSonic movers can store your company’s belongings, either long or short-term, in our spotless, secure warehouse.

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