Home Moving

On the surface, home moving easy. If you’re only moving a few blocks or a few miles, you can do it yourself, right? Perhaps, but if you’re like most of us, you’re also very busy and, of course, your time is worth money.

That’s where HyperSonic Movers can help. At HyperSonic Movers, our customized moving solutions let you decide exactly how much work you want to do. For the very busy, we can pack every belonging, move everything into its proper place and even unpack your boxes. For those on a tight budget, we can do the heavy lifting while you do the packing. Most choose something in the middle.

HyperSonic’s rigorous hiring criteria and our strict adherence to detail ensures that regardless of the level of service you choose, you will receive top-notch care that you will be recommending to your friends for years to come.

Each of our movers is specially trained in handling fine art, pianos, antiques and fragile items. Custom cardboard crates can be built on the spot or we can arrived prepared with custom wooden crates. Of course, not everything requires fine-touch handling, but at HyperSonic Movers, we treat each and every item as we would our own.

The best part of moving with HyperSonic Movers, though, is that there’s never any guess work. We take the time to thoroughly assess your move and guarantee your price. Unless circumstances change, you will never pay more than your quoted price, ever.

The true test of a quality mover is how customers are treated after the move is over. At HyperSonic Movers, our customer service department treats past customers with the same courtesy as we treat potential customers. We are in the business of relationship building, and we want to ensure that each and every customer will refer their friends and come back to us the next time they move.

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