HyperSonic storage

Whether you’re temporarily without an address, trying to sell your home, going through renovations, or just need some extra space, HyperSonic Movers has the long and short-term storage solutions for you.

At HyperSonic Movers, our storage facility is kept immaculately clean. Our warehouse is free of all pests and vermin.

Our facility is secure. Unlike with self-storage, only employees are allowed inside our warehouse. We monitor the premises 24 hours a day.

Our facility is the perfect environment for your belongings. Like your home, our warehouse is kept at a comfortable temperature, with a humidity level similar to Bay Area homes. This keeps your furniture from cracking or warping. Everything will remain wrapped and protected while in our warehouse.

We take total responsibility. Each item is inventoried before arriving at our warehouse and before it leaves. Only HyperSonic employees will ever have access to your belongings.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Take a free tour of our warehouse. We know you’ll be impressed.

Call us at for a free, no obligation quote or to set up a tour.